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Hydrate Away Raspberry Lip Balm

Hydrate Away Raspberry Lip Balm

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Hydrate Away with the flavourful sensations of raspberry in this 5.5 mL hydrating lip balm. Handmade in small batches with premium ingredients to provide you moisture sealed all day long; this lip balm will heal chapped lips, soothe, smooth and soften even the driest skin.

Shea butter is technically a tree nut however its very low in proteins that can trigger allergies- meaning its generally safe for all skin types. It also has anti-bacterial properties meaning it can support decreasing the amount of acne-causing bacteria on the skin.

Vitamin E oil supports in keeping lipids fresh in your skin- meaning this helps to keep your skin's protective barrier intact against environmental damages, such as UV rays, while also accelerating healing of skin damages. It also helps soothe the skin from irritation caused from pollution and sun damage.

Coconut oil is composed of medium chain fatty acids which reduce dryness and allow your skin to absorb moisture. It also has anti-oxidant properties meaning it supports minimizing the look of fine lines and wrinkles.

Grapeseed oil contains high levels of Vitamin E, which has high antioxidant properties, and contains linoleic acid, which help the skin retain moisture while restoring elasticity and protecting it from UV rays. It also contains a powerful antioxidant called proanthocyanidin, which supports evening out your skin tone. 

Beeswax contains antibacterial properties that support soothing certain skin condition such as eczema. It also creates a protective layer on the skin meaning it locks in moisture meaning it supports the skins hydration.

A little goes a long way- massage balm onto lips.

Shea butter, Fractioned coconut oil, Grapeseed oil, Vitamin E oil, Beeswax, Raspberry flavour oil

Please perform a patch test on your skin to ensure there are no sensitivities or reactions. We are not responsible for any reactions.


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