Our Story

Hello lovely,

My name is Ashia Bak and I am so grateful that you've taken the time to read a little bit about me! I am the founder and creator of Healers Essence- the vision for Healers Essence began in 2020.

As someone with lived experiences of anxiety, depression, and PTSD, being present and grounded is a necessity. As someone who disassociates at times and reverts into the past, I would always use the body care I made to be present by using the 5 senses techniques. Basically, I apply the body butter onto my hands throughout my day just so I could smell it and take a moment to be present. I apply my lip balm and taste it to ignite one of my taste buds. I focus my eyesight to the application of the body products. I use the products as a tool to help ground me.


This was the inspiration behind Healers Essence. In wanting to support others in their mental health journey- I took the leap of faith and started selling these handcrafted products to others since I know I'm not the only one who would benefit from this form of self-care and mindfulness.

I pray that you enjoy the products and that they support you in your self care journey towards mental and overall well-being!

With much love,

Ashia xo