How to Use Your Rosemary Infused Hair Oil

I can’t tell you how many people ask me this question: how do you use your hair oil? Originally, I made this product with the intention that it will be used in people’s roots since rosemary helps promote hair growth. What’s funny is that each time I’m asked this question, I almost never tell people to use it the way I had originally intended for it to be applied. Instead, my response is personalised to each person asking the question since everyone’s hair is different.

This also got me thinking about my own hair oiling habits and my “go-to” technique for oiling. I realised that I don’t have a “go-to” way of oiling my hair- I just do what feels right depending on what my hair needs on the day of wash. In my opinion, there’s really no right or wrong way of oiling hair. As long as you create a consistent routine, you will see improvements in your hair such as stimulating hair growth, improving hair strength, hydration and much more.

Here’s some tips and pointers that can guide you in the right direction to learn more about your hair and what works for you. 

  1. If you have oily roots, use the oil on your ends to protect them from the shampoo washing down your hair so they don’t dry out. Use a quarter size amount and apply to your ends. 
  2. If you have a dry scalp, apply 1-2 full droppers throughout the roots and massage into the scalp. 
  3. If you have dry ends, add a quarter sized amount of oil to your hands and apply through. If you feel like you need more, add extra. Be mindful and add thin layers so your ends aren’t drenched in oil. 
  4. Apply enough oil to hair to have a light sheen on it- a little goes a long way. 
  5. When it doubt, add oil in layers. This means add small amounts to different sections of your hair. 
  6. Apply before washing. Leave it on as long as you feel is right- it can be for 10 minutes or 2 hours. Just make sure to deeply massage your hair while shampooing. 
  7. Align this product with your wash schedule and make sure you create a routine that’s easy to maintain. Repetition=habits
  8. Consistency is key. You won’t see results after oiling once- I find on average people will notice changes after 2-2.5 months. 
  9. Hair breakage is normal during oiling! To minimise breakage, give your hair a good brush before massaging the oil into your roots and ends.

Remember, do what feels right for you! Your oiling routine will be different depending on the day- so be flexible and consistent!

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